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Trend Algo (Expo) is an automated Trend System that works by identifying high probability trend reversal signals, trading range signals as well as trend scalping signals. This Trend System is developed to catch the next trend and provide clarity in the current trend direction. The system aims to make it easier to come in early in a new trend as well as to stay longer in that trend.

One of the main features is that the system has already filtered out false and choppy signals and aims to leave the most accurate ones.

Trend Algo
Trend Algo

Do you want to come in early in a trend and stay as long as possible? Then is Trend Algo the system for you!

Trend Algo EURNZD
Trend Algo

Works on any market and timeframe

Trend Algo DAX
Trend Algo
Trend Algo Zeiierman
Trend Algo

Get unique Trend Oscillator! Plus you will have access to ALL my indicators.

Trend Algo Zeiierman
Trend Oscillator

Reversal Algo (Expo)

Reversal Algo (Expo) is an automated Reversal System that analyzes the market in real-time and identifies high probability short term and long term trend reversal- and scalping signals as well as key market zones, and trends. The adaptive and unique reversal bands act as support & resistance zones, and together with the trend tracking feature, it serves as a trend confirmation. The system does also comes with a Top & Bottom finder that detects potential tops and bottoms that can be used as scalping entries or take profit points.

All indicators can be found at my TradingView profile

Get an edge by using our popular Intelligent Zone and Supply/Demand Indicators.

Intelligent Zone

It hasn’t been easier to display, in real-time, one of the most important and useful technical analysis , namely supply/demand zones as well as support/resistance zones. This algorithm analyzes the market structure in real-time and maps out key supply and demand zones and support/resistance zone for you.

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