Supply/Demand – Zones

Supply/Demand – Zones (Expo) – Indicator (s)

Do you want to see how the indicator works in real time? Click at the link below!

There is 3 version of the indicator, both long term zones and short term zones. The indicators setting are exactly the same and works identically.

The “Major Supply & Demand Zone” indicator displays up to 5 Zones at the time, this indicator is great to spot bigger zones in the market. The ones that display 2 Zones are great to spot short term to medium term Zones.

The indicator comes with enormous flexibility and you can use Heiken Ashi levels, different smoothness to fit your trading style.

Click at the link below to get redirected to the chart at TradingView. The chart displays German 30- in 1 min timeframe. The indicator setting: Standard.

*It takes approximately 10-30 seconds to load the chart. The chart should be viewed preferably at computer.


The indicator works on any timeframe.

*The chart above display GOLD in 4 hour chart.


The indicator works on any Stock.

*The chart above display Apple in 1 hour chart.

Indices / Currencies / Crypto

The indicator works on any indices / currencies and on cryptocurrencies.

*The chart above display Bitcoin in 4 hour chart.


Supply and demand trading has become one of the most popular strategies in recent years; it’s easy to learn, simple to trade, and with enough time and experience, very profitable. Traders struggle to draw supply/demand zones and many are lazy to do so consistently. Zeiierman’s Supply/Demand Zone indicators do it for you automatically in any timeframe with high accuracy.

The indicator comes in two version. 1) Short term Zones for intraday trading & 2) Long term Zones for swing trading. The Zones should not be seen as exact, but they are really good input to your trading decisions.

Do you like the indicator? – Click at the link below to get access

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