Successful Traders

Can you identify yourself with the following? 

  • The indicator does not work well for me!? I have tried them all, and I have played around with the settings, still don’t get it right!!!
  • The indicators are not 100 % right all the time, there are false signals sometimes!! I hate false signals. 
  • My trading journey is frustrating and my account is declining.
  • How can other users make money using the indicators when I can’t?

  • Which settings are the best? 
  • Which timeframe is the best?
  • Which market is the best?

I have noticed clear patterns where I can tell which ones that gonna find true value in my indicators. 

Traders that are unsuccessful and Don’t find value in my indicators:

1) You think that an indicator can predict a Top / Bottom or are Trend perfectly every time in any market conditions and timeframes. 

2) You think that indicators work for you and that you can follow it blindly. 

3) You think that the successful traders use different indicator settings.

4) You think that you can trade successfully without analyzing the market. 

5) You don’t have a clear strategy in place or not willing to find one.

6) You don’t have a proper risk management plan.

7) You think that you’re going to be rich on the next 10 trades. 

8) You don’t have the fundamental knowledge about trading, such as, Support/Resistance, psychological levels, Breakouts, Trend, Price action, Stop loss, Target, etc. 

One common mistake is that traders enter Long at a Resistance level and enter Short at a Support level. This can easily be avoided by reading up and start learning how to identify these key zones. They occur in all timeframes. 

If you wanna take your trading to the next step I recommend reading the book: “Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas” 

Traders that are successful and find value in my indicators:

1) They know that no indicator is perfect and cannot be followed blindly. 

2) They see indicators as a tool that can help to identify market patterns, Trends, etc. 

3) They do the hard work by analyzing the market before entering into a trade. 

4) They have a clear strategy and risk management process in place that they follow.

5) They know that they don’t gonna get rich on the next 10 trades, they think long-term. 

6) They take their losses and move on to the next trade. 

7) They have developed the right mindset and attitude. 

You have to do the hard work to get successful. You’re fully responsible for having the right amount of experience and knowledge before purchasing any indicator from me. 

I know that many of my users are using my tools successfully, making consistent money. Then I have others that complain about that the indicators don’t work at all.. and that the indicator doesn’t spot every turning point perfectly, etc. They complain about there are false signals and such. 

It’s a matter of your attitude and the work you put in. The indicators are tools that help you get that extra edge, but this is NOT the holy grail. If you expect a holy grail, please go search somewhere else. 

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