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Cutting Edge Trading Algorithms

We’re changing the way how to trade!

Gain an Edge with Simplicity

Keep it simple with Trend & Reversal Algo. Use our pre-defined well proves strategies and setups today.

Trading can be frustrating and complicated when you don’t know what to focus on. To be a profitable trader you need tools that give clarity, embraces simplicity, and a well-proven strategy. We at Zeiierman give you all that. Clarity- Simplicity – Strategies

Our algorithms uses advanced noise-filtering techniques which leaves us with accurate and reliable Buy & Sell Signals.

Reversal & Trend Algo are powerful algorithms that integrate millions of data points, calculates, and brings clarity to the chart. Our cutting edge algorithms notify you when it’s time to buy or sell in any market and timeframe. Stocks, Forex, Crypto & Commodities.

Never Miss Out

Get real time alerts on any stock, forex, commodities or crypto in any timeframe through push notification.

Trade with an edge. Our indicators are well proven and used by professional traders around the globe. Become a member today and get the edge you deserve!

We have Indicators and Systems that suit all trading styles. Create your unique setup, or use our predefined strategies!

Meet our cutting edge Trading Algorithms

Our proprietary algorithm Reversal & Trend Algo uses complex logic and mathematical equations to predict profitable trades, and to notify you when its time to buy & sell. You can setup automatic alerts straight to your phone to get notified when to buy & sell.

The systems are ready to be traded using our pre-defined strategies or you can create your own unique strategy.

Meet our cutting edge Indicators

We’ve developed advanced premium trading tools designed to help you create your own strategies and get signals at the best times. Our indicators are designed enhance your trading!

Automate your trading

Almost all of our indicators has inbuilt alerts which can be connected to a third party service. We have users that have automated their trading using our tools.

The tools is designed to be used manually, but yes, we have users that have automated their trading. We do not provide any service on how to connect to a third party service, that is something our users has to do themself if they want to connect the alerts to a broker.

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