Frequently Asked Questions

Trade with an edge. Our indicators are well proven and used by professional traders around the globe. Become a member today and get the edge you deserve!

We have Indicators and Systems that suit all trading styles. Create your unique setup, or use our predefined strategies!


What is Zeiierman?

We are a small team of talented professionals traders with a wide range of skills and experience. We have been coding indicators and system for more than 7-years and have already launched several fully automated trading bots. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to having you onboard!

Our history is great: We have worked with a Swedish risk capitalist where we served as a strategic investment advisor and provided investment strategies.

Trading is changing. More and more, traders prefer brands that make us feel part of something bigger, connected around common causes or beliefs. Our Indicators and Systems aim to bring like-minded people together and to be part of a fast-growing community that challenges the conventional way to trade.

Zeiierman’s algorithms integrate millions of data points, calculates, and brings clarity to the chart. Our cutting edge algorithms work in any market and timeframe. Stocks, Forex, Crypto & Commodities.

What is Reversal & Trend Algo?

Our proprietary algorithm Reversal & Trend Algo uses complex logic and mathematical equations to predict profitable trades, and to notify you when its time to buy & sell. You can setup automatic alerts straight to your phone to get notified when to buy & sell.

The systems are ready to be traded using our pre-defined strategies or you can create your own unique strategy.

What is Premium Indicators?

We’ve developed advanced premium trading tools designed to help you create your own strategies and get signals at the best times. Our indicators are designed enhance your trading!

How do I get the Premium indicators including Reversal & Trend Algo?

To get The Premium indicators including Reversal & Trend Algo you simply purchase the Premium Membership, you then will be redirected into our discord community, inside the community we will follow up and give you access. Or you can fill in the form on the payment page and we will contact you through email.

Can I automate my trading using the Premium Indicators?

Yes that is possible, almost all of our indicators has inbuilt alerts which can be connected to a third party service. We have users that have automated their trading using our tools.

What do I need?

To use Zeiierman’s Indicators and Systems, you will need the following things.

1. A free account with

2. A broker to place trades. Examples: Robinhood, Webull, MT4, Oanda, TD Ameritrade, CoinBase, Kraken, IG.

How to set up Zeiierman’s Indicators and Systems?

  1.  After purchasing a membership, let us know your Tradingview Username and Discord Username (if you have) and our team will grant you access as soon as possibe. Please note it could take up to 24 hours to be granted access.
  2. Once granted access please navigate to and go to the charting area.
  3. Click on the indicators & strategies tab and navigate to ” invite only scripts “
  4. You will then see our indicators, click on them to add them to the chart!
  5. Please note if you are using a basic/free TradingView account you may only have up to 3 indicators on your chart at once, if you already have other indicators loaded on your chart you may need to remove them to add our indicators. Also if you get an error msg after adding ur indicators simply refresh your browser.

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