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Trend Algo (Expo)

Real-Time Buy & Sell signal right on the chart!

Trend Algo (Expo) is an automated Trend System that works by identifying high probability trend reversal signals, trading range signals as well as trend scalping signals. This Trend System is developed to catch the next trend and provide clarity in the current trend direction. The system aims to make it easier to come in early in a new trend as well as to stay longer in that trend. One of the main features is that the system has already filtered out false and choppy signals and aims to leave the most accurate ones. 

Reversal Algo (Expo)

Real-Time Buy & Sell signal right on the chart!

Reversal Algo (Expo) is an automated Reversal System that analyzes the market in real-time and identifies high probability short term and long term trend reversal- and scalping signals as well as key market zones, and trends. The adaptive and unique reversal bands act as support & resistance zones, and together with the trend tracking feature, it serves as a trend confirmation. The system does also comes with a Top & Bottom finder that detects potential tops and bottoms that can be used as scalping entries or take profit points. 

Momentum Trend Strategy (Expo)

“Trading in the direction of a strong trend reduces risk and increases profit potential.”

Momentum – Trend Strategy (Expo) kicks in when predicted strong momentum and trend coincides. The algorithm is designed to only give Buy signals in positive trends and only Sell signals in negative trends, this helps you as a trader to enter trades with the trend. A must-have for trend traders!

🟢Real-time Buy & Sell signals
🟢Easy to Automate

Get The Edge You Deserve!

Range & Trend (Expo)

Trends, Ranging markets, Targets, Stop-Loss

Range & Trend (Expo) is an advanced algorithm with unique trend line calculations that filter out noise effectively. The indicator makes it easy to trade with the trend and to spot trading ranges.

ATR Trend & ATR Top/Bottom (Expo)

Trends, Pullbacks, Top/Bottom patterns

ATR Trend & ATR Top/Bottom (Expo) is an advanced and multifunctional trading tool that gives insight into Trends, Pullbacks, and where Top/Bottom patterns can occur. The indicator is simple to use and understand therefore valuable to all trading styles.

Trend Contrarian (Expo)

Trend, Contrarian signals

Trend & Contrarian (Expo) is a powerful trend tool with adaptive contrarian- signals. A strong trend is displayed by the background color and the unique Trend dots/line can be used to confirm a strong trend or to identify early trend reversals. The contrarian-signals are adapting dynamically to price moves and should be used as ‘preparation’ or ‘warning’ prior to trigger, should be confirmed by a trend reversals signal or by other indicators.

Trend Cloud (Expo)


Trend Cloud (Expo) is for everyone that wants to take trades in trends. The Trend cloud adapts to the volatility in order to filter out price noise. Traders get a clear view of the trend and can easily apply trend following strategies.

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