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We offer a bunch of free indicators that are well used and proven by thousands of tradingview users.
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Are you looking for a system that tells you when to buy and sell? Then our Algos/Systems are for you. These algorithms work by spotting high probability trades in real-time and aims to filter out false and choppy signals and only leave the most accurate ones. Check them out on our TradingView profile.

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“One word to describe Zeiierman’s indicators… ELITE. If you have any kind of trading edge these indicators can help tenfold. I personally sucked at exits and noticing potential trend shifts, but using specific indicators that go along with my edge has helped IMMENSELY. Don’t even get me started on his prices… Cheap to say the least. My absolute favorite pair are his Reversal Bands + Zones with his Cumulative Delta indicator. A MUST HAVE if you trade with the trend.”


“I’m using Zeiierman’s indicators and strategies daily and can’t be more pleased with the results. His indicators and Reversal Algo togehter with his Trend Algo have taken my trading to new levels. I strongly recommend his indicators.”


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Get the edge you deserve! Start using our indicators and strategies today!

“Contacting Zeiierman was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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